The Perfect Nude Lip: MAC Whirl and MAC Honeylove

I have naturally dark-ish red lips so I often find it a struggle to find a nude lipstick that works for me. It’s rare that those really pale nudes suit me unless I plaster my lips in concealer beforehand which as well as completely drying them out, reminds me of the concealer lip trend of my teens and well, that is a time I’d rather not revisit…Anyway, because of this I often find myself attracted to darker nudes, those Kylie Jenner-esque mauve shades which I really really love, much like every other girl who headed straight to MAC after seeing Kylie’s picture in the hope to achieve her stunning lips. I only recently paired my MAC Honeylove lipstick with my MAC lip pencil in Whirl to achieve what is now, my winning nude lip combo.3

I’ve been wanting MAC Honeylove for agesss. Well, it was a toss up between that and Velvet Teddy but there was just something about Honeylove that made me want it that bit more so when I received it for Christmas I was over the moon. Come on, how gorgeous is it?! It’s a matte nude-brown colour with pink undertones and a shade I’m completely in love with. I’ll admit when I first opened it, I did have my doubts. It looked a little too pale for me yet when I applied it to my lips it came out darker and the exact shade I was hoping for.


As much as I love Honeylove on it’s own, I think Whirl adds the most gorgeous touch. It’s a slightly darker shade than Honeylove and it shows up as a stunning mauve shade on my lips and adds so much definition, making my lips look bigger. I first apply Whirl all over my lips followed by Honeylove to tone the colour down a bit, making it the perfect everyday lip colour.




Whirl is on the left and on the right is Honeylove. Here’s what they look like on my lips too!



As you can probably tell, I’m completely obsessed with this lip combination! They’ve become two of my favourite products and I love how easily they both glide on my lips and the fact they aren’t too drying. If my lips are extra dry though I do tend to add a bit of Vaseline about 10 minutes before applying any lip colour to soften my lips.


Have you tried MAC Whirl or Honeylove? What are your favourite nude lip colours?

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  1. Alice gorman says:

    That is a gorgeous combination! Iv been a velvet teddy number one fan for ages but I might have to give this a go!x

  2. Soléna says:

    You’re so beautiful!! That combo is perfect on you. It really bring out your eyes. I love Whirl, have you tried the lipstick?

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