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Whether you love it or you hate it, we are the generation that takes photographs of our food before we eat it. Some of us even choose looks over taste, going as far as ordering something from the menu purely because the carefully thought out descriptions make it sound as if it will be a photogenic dish. We’re willing to let our coffees go cold and well, everyone else’s on the table too, get funny looks from customers as we stand in all sorts of positions in order to get that perfect

Hello! I’m suffering from major holiday blues right now and I’m currently wishing I was still wandering the blue and white streets of Mykonos Town, taking at least a hundred pictures of every single street we turned into. I’m 100% blaming the beauty of Mykonos for the fact my iphone storage is full – I just can’t bring myself to delete a single photo! I loved all the islands we visited in different ways but Mykonos was probably my ultimate favourite. From renting a quad and exploring the beaches on

If money wasn’t an option I’d be in a different country every week. I absolutely love travelling and I cannot wait to jet off to Greece soon. Excited is an understatement! So on my ‘saving for holiday’ budget, my boyfriend and I recently swapped our ‘let’s do a city break to Palma’ for a ‘let’s go to Manchester’…erm yep, not quite as glamorous hey but a whole lot cheaper and still so much fun. I love Manchester and I think if I had to move to another city in the UK

3 day weekends are my favourites. I love having that extra day off to relax and I’m sure everyone will agree that starting the working week on a Tuesday is a billion times better than a Monday. Mondays are just downright awful aren’t they?! Yesterday my boyfriend and I decided to visit Haworth, a pretty village in West Yorkshire, to indulge in their amazing cafes, have a nice stroll up and down the cobbled streets and a browse in their cute shops.  I visited Haworth once when I was younger

Having your food cooked right in front of you is such a simple concept yet it’s a concept that manages to add a whole load of excitement to your night. Teppanyaki Leeds is located right next to Belgrave and Sandinista on Belgrave Street and was somewhere I had wanted to visit for ages. We decided to go there on a double date a couple of weeks ago. We started off having cocktails in Angelicas which for those of you who don’t know Leeds, is such a nice rooftop bar where

I’ve been to Budapest a total of 3 times now. The first when I was about 10 years old where I can’t remember a single thing, the second on an interrailing trip where we whizzed in and out of the City in what felt like a matter of minutes and the third this month when my boyfriend and I went for Valentines weekend. I love Budapest and would recommend it to anyone who loves gorgeous views and amazing nightlife, oh and cheap alcohol too…We stayed from a Thursday to a

One healthy meal that I absolutely love is salad. Not those full of leaves kinda salads that just aren’t filling in the slightest but those ones that are packed full of so much flavour. Of course, if they look pretty too then that’s a bonus! I recently made this salmon, avocado, sundried tomato and feta salad and those typical blogger thoughts came into my head “I just have to blog about this.” It was healthy, easy to make and so delicious…what more could you want?!  I chopped up all the ingredients,

One of my New Years Resolutions (check them out here) was to eat healthier and so since the beginning of the year I’ve been trying my hardest to create nutritious meals which are also really tasty. I love how much better healthy eating makes me feel but I often find it hard as I have such a sweet tooth! Staying away from chocolate is like the hardest thing ever! So in order to inspire me to eat healthier, I’ve been scanning Instagram and Pinterest for lots of healthy meal ideas and

 Italian is my favourite food ever so when I heard that an Italian takeaway had opened in Leeds, I couldn’t wait to try it out! Although Leeds is full of Italian restaurants, until now, I’ve never really known where to go to get a good Italian takeaway and so I always end up opting for a guilt-ridden Chinese or Dominos whose pizzas don’t even come close to Italian ones. Italian takeaway and espresso bar That’s Amore recently opened in Meanwood in Leeds and we were invited down last weekend to

If someone asked me where my favourite country was I’d have to say Italy. The culture, the food, the people, the sights, the weather, I just love everything about it and I can definitely see myself living there for a bit one day. Since Mary Kate and Ashley released When in Rome I was determined to move to Rome and work for a fashion company. I’m definitely still not ruling that out…My parents bought a house in Calabria in Southern Italy about 8 years ago now and I’ve been lucky

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