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Expect your jaw to drop open, your feet to effortlessly sink into the softest and whitest sand you’ve ever seen and your remaining iPhone storage to be full within minutes. Yes, it’s Whitehaven Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen and one that no picture will ever do justice. You simply need to witness the beauty for yourself and then rave about it to every person you meet afterwards because quite frankly, it’s pretty special. When I was planning my trip to Australia, unsurprisingly Whitehaven Beach

A Day At The Beach

I had a lovely surprise recently which was that I was going on holiday to Greece! I go on Thursday and so I’m currently rushing around trying to sort out holiday clothes and panicking that I am not very bikini ready right now (why can’t I just stick to a diet?!) but I’m sooo excited to get away from everything for a bit and have a nice relaxing break. A day at the beach wouldn’t be complete for me without a good book to read. I’ve heard such good things