Peaches & Cream Eyeshadow Pigments; Gatsby, Wish, Famous, Prin, Disco and Pearl

This year has been so hectic which unfortunately meant that blogging had to take a bit of a backseat in my life. I haven’t really blogged regularly since back in March/April time and it’s actually been so much harder to get back into it than I thought it would. Every time I’d go to write a new post, I’d suffer from bloggers block and couldn’t even think of what word to write let alone a whole blog post and my mind would just drift to other things which eventually resulted in me clicking off Wordpress and browsing ASOS instead… And don’t even get me started on Love Island. My nights have been taken over by Love Island so yeah, the blogging hasn’t been doing all too well recently. Anyway, I’m getting back into the swing of things with a post about one of my favourite things ever. Yep you guessed it, makeup. I started following the stunning Brookelle McKenzie (here) on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the makeup looks she creates. I noticed in some of her photos she used Peaches & Cream pigments, a brand I’d never actually heard of before but one I knew I needed to investigate as their pigments looked so beautiful. P7032044

Instead of picking up just one or two different pigments, my indecisive self decided to buy six…this is exactly the reason why someone needs to hide my bank card and stop me spending money! However, I have absolutely no regrets as all of the shades are absolutely stunning.P7032050 P7032052 P7032051

Peaches & Cream pigments come in little plastic tubs which although are super cute, they can also be super messy like MAC pigments are. I always have to triple check I’ve put the lid on properly in case product spills everywhere. Although the tubs are small, you get a lot of product because a little really does go a long long way due to the seriously insane pigmentation. I spritz MAC Fix+ onto my eyeshadow brush, dip it into the pigment and apply it to my eyes for a more intense foiled look. They do work well by themselves, but adding MAC Fix+ or even a spritz of water makes the pigments look even more incredible as you can see from the swatches…


From Left to Right: Pearl, Disco, Prin, Wish, Famous & Gatsby

Pearl is a multi-toned pearlescent shimmer with golden pink undertones which works beautifully as a highlighter too and looks amazing on the inner corners of the eyes or brow bone. It also works well paired with the other pigments to make them look extra intense and glowy.

Disco is a fine pale silver that reaaaally makes your eyelids sparkle.

Prin is a white silver sparkly shade that looks pretty all over the lid or on the inner corners of the eyes to really brighten them up.

Wish is a champagne gold shade.

Famous is a rich bronze shade.

Gatsby is a pale champagne gold.

Although Wish and Gatsby look very similar in the swatches, they’re actually very different. I’d say Gatsby was more on the cooler side of the scale and Wish is more on the warmer side which you can tell from the images below. (Wish is on the far left and Gatsby is on the far right).

P7032062 P7032015

Peaches & Cream pigments are currently my favourite eye makeup product! I love how easy they are to apply and how beautiful each shade looks on the eyes. I looked at so many swatches before choosing these shades and would definitely recommend them. They do an offer where you can ‘Pick n Mix 6 Pigments’ for £25 here rather than buying them all individually to save you a bit of money.

P7032000 P7032010 P7032005 P7032008


What do you think of the Peaches & Cream pigments? Which shade is your favourite? Let me know if you end up trying them!! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin to keep up to date with all my posts. Have a lovely week x

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