My Favourite Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

I never really thought that makeup brushes could make that much difference to the application of my makeup. That was until I began to use the Real Techniques brushes. As you probably know, these makeup brushes are pretty famous in the beauty blogging world and after trying them out I can completely understand why. The brushes suit a wide variety of needs, whether you want to apply foundation, powder, highlighter..there is a brush from this line that will be perfect! As well as providing excellent results, I also love the appearance of these brushes with their gorgeous metallic finish in classy looking colours – a must-have for a stylish and envious makeup bag!  

From L-R: Blush brush, Expert Face brush, Shading brush and Setting brush

As much as I love all the Real Techniques brushes that I own, everyday I often find myself reaching for four brushes in particular and these are the four I now couldn’t live without. 

Blush Brush

Although I have heard some people say that this brush is slightly too big for them to use as a blush brush, I personally find that the shape of it is perfect for defining cheekbones. However, I also think it would make a good powder brush and I will be giving this a try! I usually lightly dot the brush into my blusher and gently swipe it across my cheeks to provide a gorgeous flush of colour. 

Expert Face Brush

Designed to create a flawless base this was the brush that changed my opinion on all brushes. I use this everyday to apply my liquid foundation and it blends it so effortlessly and evenly into my skin. This has to be my ultimate favourite of the Real Techniques brushes.

Setting Brush

Now having used this brush for a range of purposes, I have found that it is the perfect brush for concealer. After dotting my concealer underneath my eyes I use this to blend it into my skin, covering those not-so- attractive dark circles on a morning. What is so great about these brushes is that they have synthetic bristles and so are extra soft, meaning they don’t pull on your delicate eye area when blending in the concealer. The size of the brush also makes it great for the application of highlighter along the cheekbones, arch of the eyebrows and down the bridge of the nose, as well as applying a small dusting of powder to areas on your face that need it most, such as setting your under eye concealer. Overall, this is an ideal multi-purpose brush.

Shading Brush

Moving onto the eyes, this is such a good brush for eyeshadow. The shape and size make it perfect for blending colours together across the lid and I often use it to blend the darker brown eyeshadow I use in the crease of my eye, over my eyelids to create a natural look that doesn’t look too harsh. 

Real Techniques brushes are amazing and if you’re looking at purchasing some but not sure which, I’d definitely recommend any of these four, preferably all of them, I mean come on, we all deserve a treat in these cold miserable months! 


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