Life Update: Quitting my Job, Going on Holiday & Starting a New Career

So I’m currently sat in my room with my foot in a bucket of water nursing what I think was a bee sting. Life is great. Here’s me trying to enjoy a nice hot day in England and completely failing! To make matters worse, my toe has swollen to about double it’s size and I’m pretty uncertain as to whether my feet are going to fit into my shoes later. Brilliant. On a positive note though, I am finally doing a lifestyle post! If you’re a regular reader of Secrets of a Rose then you’ll know that I don’t do life posts all that often but that is something I’d like to change because I love reading other people’s life posts. Partly because I’m nosy and partly because it makes you understand and get a real feel for the person behind the blog. So yeah, if you fancy a nosy into my life then go for it.

Getting older

So I am now 24. Just 6 years away from the big 3 0. God I cannot wait. Not. I have definitely reached that age now where I don’t want to get any older. Can time not just stand still for a bit? I feel like life is going by way too quickly and I’m not getting any further towards my goals which is partly why I’ve decided to make some big changes (see below) as I’ve realized lately that you can’t spend your days being miserable and envying other people’s lives just because they had the drive to go out and get what they wanted. Anyway, age is just a number right? And we’re only as old as we feel so I’m going to be 21. I think I liked that age.


Luckily, I turned 24 in one of the destinations that has been on my bucket list for a very long time…Santorini. Oh yes, my birthday consisted of the famous Caldera view, Greek Salad and lots of wine and not to forget staying in the most beautiful hotel ever with our very own pool! I guess that makes turning (very) old slightly more bearable right? I’d like to say my birthday ran smoothly but in fact I got us locked out of our hotel the night before it and so had to wake up in a different room on my birthday (room 13 actually…unlucky or what?!) wearing last night’s clothes and makeup…my boyfriend was not impressed and neither were the hotel staff but hey, when do birthday’s ever run smoothly?! So yeah my boyfriend and I have just returned from travelling around the stunning Cyclades Islands in Greece. We flew to Athens and then onto Mykonos, Paros, Ios and Santorini and they’ll be a whole load of travel posts coming up on Secrets of a Rose very shortly but in the meantime don’t forget to come and follow me on Instagram for lots of pictures here.

Quitting my job

When you graduate from uni I think a lot of us expect our dream jobs to be waiting for us. I know I did anyway. Not that I even knew what my dream job was! I finished university 2 years ago now which is absolutely crazy because it feels like just yesterday. In that 2 years I’ve done various jobs, only one of which I loved but which ended in a disastrous way that has resulted in me losing a lot of money that’s rightfully mine. Definitely not giving up with that fight! Anyway, that job at least taught me how NOT to run a business. Unfortunately, due to the way it ended I had to take on anything I could find really and ended up in a really awful admin role. I was miserable every single day, not just because of the admin side (nothing against anyone who does admin as I’ve had nice admin roles – this was just extremely tedious) but because of the atmosphere. The amount of times I would get the bus home from work and want to burst into tears was crazy and I got to the point where I was so sick of even complaining about it. I thought about quitting so many times but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. 1 because of the money and 2 because well, what else would I do? The only good thing about doing a job you absolutely hate is that it makes you realise you can’t do this for the rest of your life and it really spurred me on to sort my life out and find something else. Months later, notice handed in and I was finally free. If this sounds like you, never ever get stuck in a job you hate. Go chase your dreams because remember, life is way too short. The job I was in was good money which was the only good thing about it but I also realised that it’s not worth sacrificing your happiness for a few more pennies in the bank.


What’s next you say? Tomorrow I start a Theatrical Special Effects, Hair and Media Makeup Course at Yorkshire College of Beauty in order to train to become a freelance makeup artist. Beauty and makeup are my biggest passions and the thought of going to work every day and doing something I love motivates me so much. Alongside the course, I’ve also got a job working in the beauty industry too which I start next week. Obviously I have all the nerves that come with starting a new job but I’m so happy I’m finally doing something that interests me. This also creates a lot more time for me to blog and work on upping my content and maybe even venturing into Youtube too…if I have the guts! I am such an ambitious person and I have so many ideas for the future and can’t wait to get started! My only regret? Not doing it sooner but sometimes it takes time to work out what you want to do and that’s ok. For all I know I might absolutely hate it but until you try something, you never know.


You know when you’re on holiday watching the sunset and it feels like nothing else matters? Cheesy I know but I want to feel like that all the time. I worry far too much and overthink far too much and after having such a relaxing getaway where I’ve cut myself off from the world, I want to start being more carefree and not letting the pettiest things get to me as well as distancing myself from any negativity.Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

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  1. Catherine says:

    Loved this post! I’m feeling a similar way to you at the minute on the job front, and all I want to do is beauty and makeup! Good luck in your course and your new job 🙂 x

  2. Loved this post! You go girl, onwards and upwards xxx

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