Leave a Piece of you Behind at The Note Coffee Hanoi

A good coffee shop to me is not only somewhere you can get a great coffee and a delicious indulgent snack but also somewhere that you makes you want to stay for hours and hours on end. Whenever I visit a new city, I always try and suss out the best places to eat and drink and one that really stood out to me when I was in Hanoi in Vietnam a couple of months ago was The Note Coffee. IMG_1449

I absolutely love the concept behind The Note Coffee which is essentially every inch of the interior being covered with coloured post-it notes scribbled with people’s messages from all over the world. These messages can be absolutely anything from declaring your love for someone to a witty joke to sharing a meaningful bit of advice with the world or something that doesn’t even really mean anything at all. Whatever the messages are though, they’ll keep you entertained for ages whilst you’re sipping your coffee in Hanoi as you’ll find your eyes drifting from one to the next.


Not only is it a cute coffee shop though, the drinks are also amazing. I had the cookie frappuccino and it was so delicious and it came with a positive note attached to it too. The Note Coffee is a great place to visit if you’re having a bit of a down day as the inspiring and positive notes scattered around will soon cheer you up.

IMG_1438Of course, you can’t leave without adding your own note to the wall too. I live by the quote ‘everything happens for a reason’. IMG_1443I loved some of the other inspiring things people had written on their post-it notes, the below being one of my favourites. ‘If we all wrote our problems on a piece of paper and threw them in a pile…we would pick ours back up! Be grateful.’

IMG_1411If you’re ever in Hanoi, don’t forget to visit The Note Coffee and leave a piece of you behind when you go…

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