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As much as I love high-end products, it’s always nice to find good alternatives that won’t break the bank or cost you an arm and a leg to repurchase. So I’ve rounded up my favourite 11 (random number, I know..) products under a total of, wait for it…£2! Did someone say bargain?

Dry shampoo is probably one of my most used hair products ever, mainly because of the volume it gives to my hair. Although I’ve always been a Batiste kinda girl, I was intrigued by the much cheaper Superdrug version and I really like it! It’s such a great alternative to Batiste. I am kinda cheating with this one as although I did buy it for £1.99, it seems to have gone up in price, however it’s 2 for £3 at the moment!

In my previous post I mentioned about a sudden attack of dryness to my skin that I wasn’t too happy about. I decided that I needed an exfoliator suitable for daily use, which would hopefully improve my dryness. I really like the Clean & Clear range, especially the exfoliating daily wash. It’s such a nice mix between an exfoliator and a face wash – not harsh on your skin and makes your face feel oh so soft. I bought this for only £2 from a chemist near me but the price does seem to range from £2-£3 depending on which shop you buy it from which is still ridiculously cheap! 

I have actually been using Boots Eye Gel for many many years! My mum also uses it all the time and we both love it. At £1.50 it’s such a cheap yet effective addition to your morning skincare routine. The best way to store this is in the fridge and the coldness makes it super super refreshing and it just wakes you up instantly. I am especially grateful for this the morning after a night out to make me feel alive again!

Makeup brushes are pretty pricey and I was unsure whether to splash out on a proper eyebrow brush to use to fill my brows in with. I came across one in H&M which cost me £1.99 and is actually labelled as an ‘eyeshadow’ brush, even though one of the ends is the perfect brush for eyebrows! I use this all the time and will definitely be checking out their other brushes!

The first time I ever wore a pair of fake eyelashes, I came back from a night out and looked in the mirror to find that I only had one eyelash on. Since then I vowed never to wear them again. However, last Halloween felt like an appropriate time to try them out again and if I did come back with only one on, I could pretend it was all part of the look! I picked up these for a pound in Primark. Amazing. The glue is fab – really strong and both eyelashes were still in place at the end of the night pheww. I’d definitely recommend these even for first time eyelash wearers!

Three MUA products have made my list, each only £1  like most of their range. First up, the eyebrow pencil. This is in shade ‘brunette’ and there’s also a shade ‘blonde’ available. I always use eyebrow pencils if I’m in a rush and this is definitely comparable to more expensive pencils, plus it comes with a mini comb on the other end to properly groom your brows!

Shade: ‘Brunette’

Next up, blusher – there are 6 shades and this is shade ‘Bubblegum’, described as a ‘coral rose pink’. Although it looks quite a scary deep pink, when on my cheeks I find it gives quite a subtle pink flush. The blushers seem to have good pigmentation and I definitely can’t complain for a pound.

Shade: ‘Bubblegum’

Finally, lipstick. I chose shade ‘peachy keen’ as I just love coral colours at the moment. It’s a very matte lip colour and not very moisturising but it’s highly pigmented and seems to last quite a while on my lips – something I definitely wasn’t expecting for such a cheap product. As they’re so cheap it’s such an excellent way to experiment with new colours that you wouldn’t normally go for, as you know you won’t be wasting much money at all.

Shade: ‘Peachy Keen’

Another two lipsticks I really like are by Natural Collection. These are £1.99, but in Boots they always do a 3 for £5 offer across the whole range which is excellent value as their nail varnishes and eyeshadows are also very nice! The colour range is quite impressive and these two are ‘sweet pea’ which is a subtle shimmery pink colour and ‘rose petal’ which is a nude coral colour. I’ve tried quite a few of their lipsticks and they are well worth their cheap price tag!

From L-R: ‘Sweet Pea’ and ‘Rose Petal’

My final product is Peardrops. As a frequent tea and coffee drinker I decided I wanted to use a toothpaste specifically targeted at whitening my teeth and you definitely can’t go wrong with a £1 whitening product! I picked these up from Poundland but watch out as some shops charge quite a bit more!

I hope you liked this post, I know sometimes it’s nice to find cheaper alternatives and then you can splash the cash on other products you really really want 🙂


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