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Life: Staying Positive

Nearly 5 years ago, my beautiful and much loved ginger cat went missing. We would spend every evening for months and months searching the streets for him, putting up banners with his little face on, praying that one day he’d just come back. He never did and we eventually kinda gave up hope. My family loved that cat so so much. Would you believe on Sunday morning we received a phonecall from the vets saying they think they have our cat. Nearly 5 years later. And it was. It was

The Astro Palace Hotel in Santorini is definitely the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The whole experience was completely luxurious and I cannot recommend this place enough, seriously. We took absolutely ages to decide on a hotel for Santorini. We wanted something that was extra special but we also didn’t want to pay a thousand pounds a night…Oh yes, you should see some of the prices for accommodation in Santorini, it’s crazy! I do think that if you’re going to stay in a really nice hotel on just one of

Santorini had been on my bucket list for years. I’d forever longed to wander those blue and white streets and watch the beautiful sunset that it’s so famous for and last month, I finally got to tick it off my forever growing list of places I want to visit. It just so happened that my birthday landed on the same day that we headed to Santorini and as a treat we stayed in a luxurious 5 star hotel with our very own pool! I will be doing a full review

One thing growing up definitely didn’t teach me is how to complete an assignment with more than 24 hours to go of the deadline. Nope, that’s something I’ll never learn. I’ve not done any form of assignments, essays etc since my final year of university and I really think I’ve forgotten how to string an illtellectual sounding sentence together…please send help! Anyway, that’s the reason for the lack of blog posts recently but once it’s out of the way, I’ll be back to blogging regularly again. My mum and I

Hello lovelies, hope you’re all having a good week! It’s been a rather long time since I last did a giveaway (9 months to be precise) and so to thank you for all your amazing support on my blog and social media channels, I thought it was about time I did another. I’ve always thought it was just my mum who read my blog but after receiving such nice feedback recently, it’s nice to know that others actually do too! Every comment, follow, like, direct message, email and so on

So I’m currently sat right next to the fire trying to get as much heat as possible. In fact, if I went about 5cm to my left I’d probably be in the fire, burning away. When did it get SO cold? Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for chunky knits, coat shopping and cosy nights in in the warmth but I feel like summer just came and went in a heartbeat…it’s crazy. I’ve been super busy these last few weeks since I got back from the Greek Islands and

Hello! I’m suffering from major holiday blues right now and I’m currently wishing I was still wandering the blue and white streets of Mykonos Town, taking at least a hundred pictures of every single street we turned into. I’m 100% blaming the beauty of Mykonos for the fact my iphone storage is full – I just can’t bring myself to delete a single photo! I loved all the islands we visited in different ways but Mykonos was probably my ultimate favourite. From renting a quad and exploring the beaches on

I went Greek Island hopping when I was 5 years old so as you can probably guess, my memory is a little hazy. In fact, all I remember from the trip is being in some clear shallow waters with lots of fish nibbling at our legs. Despite that, whenever my parents spoke about it, I loved the sound of travelling through the beautiful Greek islands and knew I needed to do it again one day especially after seeing the billions of Instagram photos of the whitewashed cliffs of Santorini and

So I’m currently sat in my room with my foot in a bucket of water nursing what I think was a bee sting. Life is great. Here’s me trying to enjoy a nice hot day in England and completely failing! To make matters worse, my toe has swollen to about double it’s size and I’m pretty uncertain as to whether my feet are going to fit into my shoes later. Brilliant. On a positive note though, I am finally doing a lifestyle post! If you’re a regular reader of Secrets

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