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Culottes and bardot tops are two of my favourite items from this season and I’ve bought my fair share of both. There’s just something about the design of bardot tops that makes me feel so elegant and I’ve spent the majority of summer wearing them. I like to ignore when my parents make jokes about me looking like Sandy from Greece… I never thought I’d be a fan of culottes though but the comfiness and versatility of them has definitely won me round. So I recently put my two favourite

There are literally about a thousand items of clothing on my wishlist at the moment and narrowing it down to an amount that would fit in this blog post was SUCH a struggle but I’ve done it and I feel so very proud of myself! If you read my recent post all about my favourite online fashion retailers (here) you will know that I am a serial online shopper. This is especially the case in summer where I always find myself lusting after all the silky dresses, sparkly sandals and

If I said I was completely and utterly addicted to online shopping, would you judge me? I guess at least I’m admitting it, right? I feel like I should have started this post with ‘My names Hannah and I’m an online shopaholic’ – it probably would have been more fitting. I check ASOS ‘New In’ religiously every day which is really bad because I could probably tell you half their stock by heart. As well as ASOS though, there are quite a few other online stores that I absolutely love

A few months ago, life was really getting on top of me. I felt like I had no time to breathe let alone run a blog and I really wondered how on earth people managed to cope having a full time job, a blog and a social life. I’ll admit, the thoughts ‘is it really worth it?!’ even crossed my mind. You wake up at 7am, get home at 6pm, do a workout, take photos of products whilst it’s still daylight, write blog posts, take pictures for your instagram, post tweets

Hey guyss, so it’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit post. It’s been mainly down to a lack of time to shoot pictures – my weekends seem to be so busy at the moment and fitting it in after work has been a bit of a struggle but also down to the fact that I’ve just bought a brand new camera and it’s been a little trickier getting to grips with it than I first thought! However, they’ll be lots of outfit posts to come on Secrets of

Now Summer is finally on it’s way, we can start to plan our outfits for all the upcoming barbeques, weddings and days at the races and Debenhams are here to help! I recently teamed up with Debenhams to take part in their newest blogger campaign ‘every occasion with Debenhams‘ in which they challenged me to choose a dress from their gorgeous collection that would be suitable for a Summer occasion. After a long long time browsing through their stunning selection of dresses, I finally settled on this little number from Lipstick

As soon as the Binky collection launched on In the Style a few months ago, this border print dress went straight into my basket. You can’t beat outfits that take you from season to season and this outfit does exactly that. The black and cream design is so pretty and it looks equally good paired with tights or bare legs for an evening or for when it’s a bit warmer outside. Teamed with some knee high boots and a floppy hat, I thought this was the perfect sophisticated daytime look.   I’ve

The Mauve Coat

Every year I find the search for the perfect winter coat such a struggle. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always so many out there but none of them ever seem to fit the criteria I have in my head. Ever get that, when you imagine the perfect outfit in your head and it just doesn’t exist? This year was no different. I trailed around the shops trying on one after the other and I just kept coming home empty handed and disappointed. Luckily, when I was having my usual Missguided browse,

River Island can do no wrong when it comes to shoes so when I was looking for the perfect pair of over the knee boots not too long ago, I knew they wouldn’t let me down. I’d spotted a few pairs in various shops that had caught my eye but there always seemed to be something that wasn’t quite right about them. Some had a heel that was just that bit too high, some looked cheap and others were way too baggy around the thigh. As you’ve probably guessed, I can

Happy New Year! The time has come where we sit down and decide everything that’s wrong with us and put it all together in one big list, vowing not to be the same person we were the previous year. Then the year goes by, we sit and think about our resolutions and feel like absolute failures. So this year I’m going to do it a bit differently. I’ve decided to set myself realistic goals, ones I can actually achieve rather than promising myself an unreal apartment or to travel the

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