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November 2016

Brows are a major part of my makeup routine. If I did my makeup and didn’t do anything to my brows then I would feel totally naked all day long! Over the years I’ve tried out quite a few different brow products so I thought it was about time I gathered together some of my faves and shared them with you. I’ve included a range of different types of products from a pencil to a brow mascara to a gel so there’s a product that will hopefully suit everyone no

Life: Staying Positive

Nearly 5 years ago, my beautiful and much loved ginger cat went missing. We would spend every evening for months and months searching the streets for him, putting up banners with his little face on, praying that one day he’d just come back. He never did and we eventually kinda gave up hope. My family loved that cat so so much. Would you believe on Sunday morning we received a phonecall from the vets saying they think they have our cat. Nearly 5 years later. And it was. It was

Over the last couple of months, I’ve gone a little crazy on the Mac website. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently doing a makeup course to become a fully qualified MUA (so excited!) but it’s SO bad for my bank balance. I literally come away every week with a list of items that people recommend and well, I have no willpower when it comes to buying makeup…if someone says I need it then I most definitely do! Like a lot of girls, Mac is one of my

The Astro Palace Hotel in Santorini is definitely the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The whole experience was completely luxurious and I cannot recommend this place enough, seriously. We took absolutely ages to decide on a hotel for Santorini. We wanted something that was extra special but we also didn’t want to pay a thousand pounds a night…Oh yes, you should see some of the prices for accommodation in Santorini, it’s crazy! I do think that if you’re going to stay in a really nice hotel on just one of

So it’s only the beginning of November and I think I’ve found my perfect winter lip shade. Impressed or what? I know you are deep down. I love swapping my coral and pink lip shades for dark nudes and mauve shades come winter and the NYX Lip Lingerie in shade Bedtime Flirt has just ticked all my boxes when it comes to finding that perfect winter lip. The NYX Lip Lingerie’s are actually the first liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. To be honest, I didn’t really get the hype at first.