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June 2015

As I sat scrolling through my Facebook news feed the other day, reading all the grades that people got from uni, it suddenly hit me that it’s nearly been a whole year since I graduated. A year that has gone incredibly fast. Seriously, where does the time go?! I remember the panic of what to wear, worrying about falling as I went up on stage and the exact emotions I felt during the ceremony so vividly, like it was just last week. I also remember writing a good old blog

When it comes to gorgeous yet affordable lip products, you can’t beat Revlon. On a recent shopping spree I fell in love with these two lipsticks and within 5 minutes I’d manage to swatch them, ooh and ahh over how pretty they were and hand over the cash. Impressed? I thought so. As a huge fan of Revlon Lip Butters with their moisturising formula and glossy colours, I decided I needed a new one in my life and I loved the look (and name) of Strawberry Shortcake. It’s the prettiest

Last week I went to Haydock Races! Having never been to the races before, as you can imagine, I was pretty excited. Any excuse to get dressed up ey! My boyfriend’s dad had hired out one of the boxes there which meant a three course meal and a free bar – I can’t say mixing drinking and betting together is the best of ideas though! The day involved losing money and winning well, not a lot. Oh well, all part of the fun I guess! All in all though, it